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‘Tis the season for gift-giving and it’s always nice to have some inspiration from different sources. We appreciate learning from our various communities what people are personally using and would suggest we try. So we compiled some of our favorite things (plus some exclusive discounts) that might be a great gift for a family member, friend, or even yourself ūüėČ


I’ve shared this before, and am sharing again because many mornings, after doing a breath practice, I find that I don’t need caffeine but still want a delicious hot drink.¬† I’ve never been a tea drinker, but I do LOVE coffee… not decaf.¬† So,¬†BioCoffee¬†is my JAM – it is THE ULTIMATE coffee substitute. It’s a product I use almost every day and gets my highest recommendation, especially for anyone who wants to cut out caffeine (it’s caffeine-free too!).¬† This said…there’s something about it (probably the wheatgrass) that creates an incredibly clean lift!

– Luke

Free: Teaching someone something you are good at!

For years I had been enjoying the best sourdough ever at potlucks in my little community. I asked the baker to learn many times, until I finally just said, “I’m coming over with a bottle of wine!” My friend Loretta gave me all the tips and she even shared her starter. Look at this loaf…it was my first one.

There is something you do every day that you think is nothing big at all, but it would make a world of difference to someone if they could do it too. GO TEACH! Sky is the limit.

– Maggie


Belcampo¬†is my favorite farm based in Northern California and is leading the way in the practices of¬†regenerative agriculture.¬†They have become a go-to source for power-packed functional nutrients while making a carbon positive impact on the soil across the thousands of acres that surround the farm, all made possible through the regenerative nature of allowing biodiversity to flourish from practices like –¬†minimal tillage,¬†which prevents erosion and builds soil structure –¬†reduce runoff,¬†to maintain residue, moisture, and cool soil –¬†graze animals,¬†rotational grazing to add soil nutrients and naturally work the land –¬†nature’s way,¬†no nasties meaning no added fertilizer, non-gmo crops, careful planning, and hard work. Grass-fed and finished, certified humane.¬†Save with code WHITING10 at checkout.

– Sam

Mar y Lana

My friend has been sourcing amazing ponchos from artisans Columbia for years and recently added these beautiful blankets to her collection. It has become a go-to for my meditations lately. They are made by a man named William on his traditional loom in the Andes of Colombia and using ZERO electricity. Everything she makes is not only stylish but also fair trade and sustainably sourced. You can use the code OBC for 20% off at checkout

– Daniella


About 5 years ago, some friends and I started an organic sunscreen company. As surfers, we were spending a lot of time in the sun and the “best sunscreens” weren’t protecting us, not to mention the active ingredients used in them are shown to be harmful to not only coral reefs but also our endocrine systems. So we created a small line that is the highest performing and most sustainable sunscreen available. It is made from all organic, food-safe, and non-toxic ingredients (it is so safe you could eat it). It smells like Mexican hot chocolate and stays on for a loooong time!¬†Right now, you can get all 3 products for the price of our Sun Creme (over $50 of savings) by using code PEACEOUT2020 at checkout.

– Reis


Waking Up App

If you have an interest in going down the meditation rabbit hole or know someone who has been telling you they do, I have recently been THOROUGHLY enjoying Sam Harris’ Waking Up app.¬† In part, because I really enjoyed his book, Waking Up; in part, because my teacher Henry Shukman is interviewed on the app and also offers an 8-part series on zen koans; and in part, because the app offers SO MUCH – including interviews and conversations with hundreds of experts in the fields of meditation, psychology, biohacking and more.¬† It also offers tons of meditation instruction, from Sam as well as dozens of other experts too.¬†¬†Sam ALSO offers people like me – subscribers – the gift of giving people like YOU or your friends a free month to try it out!



I love my Biomat. It was a HUGE splurge for me. I lay on it almost every day. Lots of times I do the OBC breathes on my nice warm quantum healing woo-woo I love what it do-do biomat! The Pro mat $1450 is our special price, which includes shipping. The mini Biomat (chair/travel size) the price would be $575. (regularly $700).

This smaller mat is designed to be in a chair/work chair or on a recliner but is also great for laying flat on a bed/couch to sleep on, meditate, relax, and is more portable and easier to move around. But the intensity/power is not quite the same as the full-size Pro mat, but is a great addition or cheaper option as it still does wonders!

If you want these deals, call my man Owen, 321.917.2284 (he likes to chat you up!) РMaggie

Alpha Dynamics

This is a¬†great stocking stuffer to supercharge the holidays. I have been taking their cordyceps blend prior to breathing/cold exposure sessions and feeling super energized. Some of my favorites include the majestic lion’s mane, reishi oil, and the activate blend.¬†Get 25% off your order when you use code OBC2020 at checkout.

– Sam

Collective Hand

Ethically made artisan goods. There are beautiful textiles curated by OBC member Keely Angel. My favorite is the eye pillow for breath sessions. Get 20% off at checkout with code OBCLOVE.

– Sam

Prophecy Chocolate

Right around the start of the year, I got really into drinking raw cacao instead of coffee. I love the diversity of how I can prepare my concoction, not to mention the sustained energy that for me works better than coffee. Sam introduced me to his friend who started Prophecy Chocolate¬†who has an awesome approach – direct source, heirloom, and wild foraged cacao from Peru.¬†My favorite way to drink it is to blend it with a mix of Bub’s MCT Oil Powder, my favorite mushroom blend (see Alpha Dynamics), hemp protein, cinnamon, and a dash of raw honey. It’s thick, frothy, and so tasty. Prophecy makes some mean chocolate bars too (my fav is the golden mylk white)¬†You can use code OBC for 20% off at checkout.

– Reis

Gift Card

OBC Gift Cards!

Have you ever considered giving a subscription to OBC to one of your friends and family members? Well, we¬†just added gift cards to our new website. Kickstart a new breathing buddy, open someone’s eyes to the power of the breath, or stoke out a friend who is looking to go deeper. There really isn’t a better gift in our opinion ūüėČ