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Our Breath Collective

Our Breath Collective
Teacher Training Application

Breathwork can be a life-changing tool that can shift people almost immediately. This sacred work is deep and requires incredible facilitators who have a depth of knowledge, experience, and the ability to create a safe and connected space for the work to take place.

And as you may already know, the breathing community is growing exponentially. Every day we are seeing more and more people get exposed to its possibilities and its power. This is the perfect time to be gaining the knowledge and experience to assist in its rise. This is why we are calling on all the powerful leaders to be a part of our collective and step into a role of service. It can be one of the most fulfilling things you have ever done.

By filling out this application, you are already beginning to process of stepping into becoming a leader in the breathing community. Give yourself about 15-20 minutes to dive in and share yourself with us.

Do you have questions that you want to explore first? Sign up for a no-strings-attached discovery call now.

If you are ready to go, please complete the form below

For example: https:/www.instagram.com/ourbreathcollective
Please share anything you have previously done with us.