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Four Weeks of Deep Immersion: Engage in four recorded group sessions (12 hours total) to gain a comprehensive understanding of breathing and uncover how to apply what you learn to your own life journey.

Multidisciplinary Approach: Learn the principles of breathing that connect all the various methods and techniques – from the physiology, chemistry, mechanics, and nervous system.

Practical and Theoretical Mastery: Receive hands-on experience to open up new levels of awareness and feel empowered to build new habits and ways of living.

Merging Art and Science: This is an inside-out approach, beginning with experience and then giving context about that experience so that you have a deeper understanding of yourself and the practice.

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Online Course Details

Time: 4 x 3-hour recordings (12 hours total)

Week 1: Theories and Principles of Breathing
Week 2: Chemistry & Pathways of Breath
Week 3: Mechanics of Breathing
Week 4: Nervous System and Breathing

This is an intimate recorded group training.

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