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Breathwork & Coaching
Leigh Maneri

“Breathwork has been the most potent tool I’ve added to my coaching process. It allows me to work with my clients on a whole new level.”

Leigh Maneri
San Diego, CA

person breathing during coaching session

What You Get:

You’ll delve deeper into five core reasons for incorporating breathwork into coaching processes, shedding light on the science, mechanisms, and tangible benefits behind each one.

What It’s About

In the ever-evolving coaching landscape, one powerful technique has gained widespread recognition for its transformative potential: breathwork.

The act of conscious and controlled breathing has, in recent years, emerged as a profound tool for facilitating emotional regulation, self-awareness, stress management, improved focus and clarity, and enhanced physical health.

This e-guide is your gateway to understanding how harnessing the breath can transform your coaching process and elevate your clients’ experiences.

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