EVERY yoga teacher should be using breathwork.

But they aren’t…

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Breathwork and yoga
Emily Blackwell

“Learning to facilitate breathwork with Our Breath Collective has expanded my approach and the diversity of what I offer in my classes. My students are blown away every time!”

Emily Blackwell
Chicago, IL

yoga students lying down doing breathwork

What You Get:

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the power of breathwork and its integration into yoga from accomplished breath and yoga teacher, Luke Wientzen.

What It’s About

Modern yoga asana is of endless variety, as are the reasons why practitioners choose to engage in a practice. Yoga, commonly interpreted as ‘union,’ endorses the coming together of body and mind. And this union is accessed through the breath itself.

This e-book encourages yoga instructors to investigate the convergence of breathwork and the asana practice context. This merging of a postural practice with a modernized breath offering can radically enhance your student’s experiences – on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

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