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Make Ready For The Solstice: Gathering Provisions For The Dark – Dec 10, 2023


When: Sunday, December 10 @ 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST
Where: Live on Zoom (** this event will not be recorded)

This is a season that can serve up a lot of competing messages. On the one hand, Society is telling us to be jolly! And social! While here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Earth is cueing us to turn inward and get quiet. How do we hold this paradox in a healthy and sustainable way?

Join Cass Ghiorse and Lindsey Melton for a free breath and movement class designed to smooth a path toward the longest night of the year in preparation for the light’s return. In this 50-minute session, we will hone in on embodied practices that nourish and use them to shape a winter holiday season for you to cherish. Reserve your spot for this purposeful journey toward embodied rest.

* You will receive the Zoom link via email after registering. Check your SPAM if you don’t see it come thru.

About Cass

Cass’s work meets at the intersection of science and spirituality, coaching groups and individuals in the tenets of embodiment. She has dedicated 25 years to in-depth studies in applied anatomy, somatics, and functional physiology, gaining insights into the nuances of our body's intricate mechanisms, particularly as they relate to the aging process. Her practice integrates breathwork, alignment-based movement, injury prevention, and recovery, empowering clients to navigate the changes that come with time.

For 23 years, Cass has worked with a diverse population. In the corporate sector, she has been a worksite wellness practitioner for Eileen Fisher, Pewabic Ceramics, Factory PR, and restaurant groups around New York. Her private clients include corporate executives, new parents, restaurant workers, and those in recovery from stroke and illness.  She was on staff at various Equinox Clubs for ten years, as well as private clubs and facilities. She has had the privilege of studying with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Mathews of the Breathing Project as well as Jill Miller, most recently completing her Body By Breath certification. She is a regular guest teacher for Our Breath Collective - an online community guiding people in daily breathes, and providing principle-based breath education through workshops and teacher trainings.

Aside from her work as a teacher, coach, and mentor - Cass enjoys being in nature, doing jigsaw puzzles with her husband and 2 kids, and puttering around her house.  A native New Yorker, she currently lives and practices in Detroit, MI.

About Lindsey

Lindsey has been studying and teaching movement for most of her life. Trained in classical ballet from a young age, her journey in dance led her to the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods, which she has been teaching for the past 18 years. In addition to her work in Gyrotonic, she has a passion for biomechanics and somatic therapy. Both serve as a foundation for her approach to working with clients. Breath has always been an integral part of her journey and has offered insights and tools that have proved invaluable in her life. Lindsey enjoys working to help others find structural and emotional alignment and ease in their everyday being.


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