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LIVE Breathwork Intensive!

Go even deeper into the art and science of breathing with this comprehensive & immersive course.

Four Weeks of Deep Immersion: Engage in four live group sessions (12 hours total) to gain a comprehensive understanding of breathing and uncover how to apply what you learn to your own life journey.

Multidisciplinary Approach: Learn the principles of breathing that connect all the various methods and techniques – from the physiology, chemistry, mechanics, and nervous system.

Practical and Theoretical Mastery: Receive hands-on experience to open up new levels of awareness and feel empowered to build new habits and ways of living.

Merging Art and Science: This is an inside-out approach, beginning with experience and then giving context about that experience so that you have a deeper understanding of yourself and the practice.

Exclusive Membership Benefits: Receive a one-month membership to Our Breath Collective, enhancing your learning with daily guide practices and diverse instructor insights.

Access to Our Workshop Archive: As part of your one-month membership, you will have access to our full archive of workshops that include in-depth and focused perspectives, longer guided breathing sessions, and more.

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Live Course Details

Date: June 22, 29, July 6, & 13, 2024
9 AM – 12 PM PST
Location: Zoom with recordings

Week 1: Theories and Principles of Breathing
Week 2: Chemistry & Pathways of Breath
Week 3: Mechanics of Breathing
Week 4: Nervous System and Breathing

* This is an intimate group training.

** Live attendance is not required. All sessions are recorded and sent out 24 hours after the live call. **

Normal price: $397

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Discount Price: $297

Module Breakdown


  • Merging science and spirituality
  • Principles vs methods
  • History of breathwork
  • Functional vs. therapeutic breathwork
  • Interoception
  • Breath Awareness
  • Personal breath assessment


  • Respiration vs. breathing
  • CO2, O2, & nitric oxide
  • Pathways of breath
  • Airway & tongue posture


  • How breathing is movement
  • Breathing anatomy
  • Examining your mechanics


  • Nervous system overview
  • How breathing connects to the nervous system
  • Safety vs threat
  • Vagus nerve
  • Emotional and physical responses to breathing

…and more!!!

What previous participants are saying about the Intensive…

I feel so grateful for OBC and the Breathwork Intensive! After a little over a year of doing breathwork, primarily the Wim Hof Method, I had a thirst for more. Breathwork is so powerful and feels so good, I knew I wanted to learn more, but I wasn’t really sure where to start. The Breathwork Intensive is the perfect course! It taught me multiple theories and principles of breathing and gave me a broad knowledge base to continue my journey. It was incredible to have three teachers with different but complementary styles who deeply understand the breath and its mechanics. Finding a true balance and blend of different techniques is a rare find. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about the breath and have an amazing experience as well. Oh, and the community within the group was a special, unexpected bonus! Thanks, OBC fam!

– Scott H.

Before I started the Breathwork Intensive, I knew that breathing was something I needed to look into for my own well-being. I had no idea how to start or which breathing style to pick. I could not have anticipated how much more aware of my breathing I would get during the course and how much I’d learn about the science behind it. I especially love that I got to know so many diverse breathing styles and not only ‘the one and only’ style. Thank you, guys.

– Eva S.

Who This Course Is For…

🌬 Anyone who values breathwork but wants to expand their knowledge and possibly even begin to share it within their circles and beyond

🧘‍♀️ Yoga teachers interested in understanding breath outside of classical pranayama for an added layer into their teaching

✨ Life coaches who lack experiential training in breath technique but want to use it as a tool for shifting their clients from one state to another

🧠 Psychologists who take on other’s emotions and are looking to utilize a tool simultaneously for clients and self to assist in holding a safe space

🏥 Healthcare workers who can benefit from immunity-boosting and safeguarding self-regulation practices to fortify their well-being

🏃 Athletes ranging from professional sports to your weekend warrior looking to elevate their performance

💪 Biohackers who have grown bored of hearing one perspective from one breathwork school of thought and are looking for a deeper layer of human performance

🙋 All individuals who are sick and tired of feeling dominated by fear or anxiety and are interested in taking the reigns of their physical, energetic, and mental health

Your Guides

By participating in our “Breath Is” workshop, you are already familiar with our master guides who will be leading this course. Reis and Luke, our co-founders, Cass, Lindsey, and Daniella, will combine forces to bring you the most potent experience.

With years of training and practice, each one provides their own unique perspective and approach to sharing about breathwork that will enhance your learning experience. We have taken this depth of diverse knowledge and distilled it down into one body of comprehensive work, which is a great advantage to you as a student.

A $397 Value For Just $297 (save $100)

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