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Our Daily Breath platform provides our community with diverse, powerful, and effective daily live and on-demand guided breathing experiences.

All workshop attendees get a savings of $96!

Unlimited live & on-demand 15-minute daily breathing sessions

A multi-disciplinary approach, blending the art and science of breathing

Access to our global Circle community platform (accessible on desktop & phone)

Over a dozen expert Breath Guides, each with their unique perspective and expertise

Exclusive access to bonus workshops, member discounts, and more

our breath collective membership platform live breathing sessions

 Our Daily Schedule

Monday thru Friday


Tuesdays & Thursdays

** You don’t need to participate live! All breathing sessions are saved into an on-demand library that can be accessed 24/7, whenever is best for your schedule. **

Normal price: $192

Save $96

Discount Price: $96

What Our Members Are Saying…

I joined Our Breath Collective a year ago, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! These breaths are my non-negotiable 15 min every day. I had done breathing practices as part of yoga classes but had never experienced it on its own. I am still amazed to see every time how powerful a breathing session can be, mentally and physically. My breath is my favorite tool for moving through life right now. I am so grateful for all the amazing guides who make an online practice feel so cozy and connected. Thank you, OBC, with all my heart!

– Elif K.

Through OBC, I can connect with the present moment in such a juicy way. It grounds me, warms me, and lights me up for a day full of clarity and ease. I make better decisions, I take bold actions, and I feel SO much better after doing OBC’s daily breathes. OBC has given me the tools to take control of my physiology and mental health and has been a game-changer for me in exploring myself and what’s important to me.

– Quentin W.

I really appreciate the solid base that OBC offered me during a really rough time through quarantine. The routine, the live aspect of it, and the ability to return to one I really enjoyed later, getting to know you all with your sleepy head, first thing in the morning and the vulnerability was really important as I navigated several life challenges. Some days, all I could do was get up and breathe with you and go to the woods. I’m ok now. The workshops, too, were phenomenal! You all are doing important work, and I love the diversity of personality, energy, and style.

– Golden

Who Our Membership Is For…

Breathwork is literally for everybody!

Regardless of your experience, you can join our community, breathe with us daily, and get the support you need to create a consistent and powerful practice.

It’s “OUR” Breath Collective. This is a community, a tribe, a movement, and all are welcome, including you!

Get immediate access to our member-only community now.

Your Breath Guides

By participating in our “Breath Is” workshop, you are already familiar with our master guides who will be leading this course: our co-founders Reis and Luke, Cass, Lindsey, and Daniella. But we also have a handful of other incredible facilitators who bring their unique perspectives and approaches to sharing about breathwork that will enhance your learning experience. We have taken this depth of diverse knowledge and distilled it down into one body of comprehensive work, which is a great advantage to you as a student.

A $192 Value For Just $96 (save 50%)

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