Our Breath Collective

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens when I join?

You have immediate access to our member content.

Once you sign up for one of our membership options, you will receive an email that provides all the information needed including how to access our daily breathes, other member content, our private Facebook Group, plus a video about how to prepare yourself.

If you did not receive the welcome email, please check your Spam folder as it often ends up there. If you do not find it there, please reach out.

Who can do this?


Whether you are young or old, stressed or relaxed, happy or sad, we all breathe, most of the time without ever thinking about it. A breath practice is literally something everyone can benefit from! 

Do I need any breathwork experience to join?


It is easy to jump in at any time, no matter what your experience level is. We provide a ‘Breathing Basics’ video upon subscribing which outlines the basic techniques, terminology, and principles. From there, you will pick it up pretty quickly once you begin your daily practice. You also have the ability to ask questions at any point along your journey.

Is it important to do this every day?


We have found that through consistency and commitment, you gain the most benefits. So yes, we suggest doing it as many days as you can. You will soon experience how things change when you do miss a day. We also make the breathes available over the weekend so that you can repeat them on Saturday and Sunday.

What if I cannot attend live for the breathe?

Not to worry, every practice is recorded and saved into a playlist.

This will allow you to watch it whenever is most convenient for you based on your time zone, schedule, or how you are feeling. You can also revisit the practice later in the day if you want to do it a second time.

Safety Precautions

Basic Safety Precautions

  • Always practice in a safe environment (seated or laying down).

  • Never while operating a moving vehicle.

  • Never practice while in the water.


Sensations you might experience

  • Light-headedness

  • Tingling in the hands and feet

  • Ringing in the ear

  • Yawning

  • Temperature drop

  • Muscle cramping (hands / feet / lips)

  • Swallowing

  • Emotions


Breath Awareness

Bringing your attention to your breath to observe your current state and how the breath is working at that moment in time. This is where the breath is breathing you.

Conscious Breathing

Taking control of your breath and altering the patterns, cadence, and speed of the breath. This is where you are breathing the breath.

Connected Breathing

A cyclical breathing pattern characterized by no pause between inhale/exhale transitions.


Pausing the breath at the bottom (exhale)


Pausing the breath at the top (inhale)