Our Breath Collective

Our Breath Collective
Daily Breathwork

The OBC experience provides breathers with diverse, powerful, and effective live guided breathing instruction as a means of beginning each weekday.

Why Become a Member?

Live guided 15 minute breathing sessions, every Monday thru Friday

A multi-disciplinary approach where no two days are the same

Support from a global community of breathing enthusiasts

Access to the ongoing library of daily breathing practices at your fingertips

Expand your breath awareness and consciously manage your systems

Free access to bonus workshops, member Q&A’s, and more

Are You Ready?

By subscribing, you get immediate access to our daily breathing sessions which happen M-F at 6 AM PST plus additional live sessions throughout the week. Each session is recorded and available to you at any time, meaning you can tune in when it is best for your schedule, plus you can go back to favorites or double up during the day. As a member, you will also gain access to our monthly workshops for free as well as other discounts on our other offerings.

* Your subscription will automatically renew until you cancel.

Investing In Your Long Term Health

Minutes Per Day

Hour Per Week

Hours Per Month

For $40/month, that’s $2 per breathe which is less than a cup of coffee, you can join our community, breathe daily, enhance your health, and get the support you need to create a consistent and powerful practice in your life.

Who Is This For? 

Literally Everybody!!

As the most direct, powerful, non-secular tool out there for being able to regulate our nervous systems, people from all walks of life have found tremendous benefits from a daily breath practice. 

Breathwork will help with:

  • ⚡️ Energy
  • 😳 Stress & anxiety
  • 😴 Sleep
  • 🛡 Immune health
  • 💪 Performance & endurance
  • 🎯 Focus
  • 🤕 Pain management
  • ❤️ Cardiovascular health
  • 📈 AND MORE!!!


Getting Started is Easy

Become A Member

From a diverse array of cultures, experiences, & lifestyles, we come together with a shared passion and interest in all things breath.

Breathe Everyday

Tune in and enjoy real-time diverse & powerful guided breath instruction as a means to start each weekday.

Be A Part Of The Community

It’s “OUR” Breath Collective. This is a community, a tribe, a movement. And all are welcome, including you!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Subscribe and start breathing immediately!

Once you subscribe, you gain access to our daily breathes via your own profile on our website. Every morning, we go live at 6 AM PST plus additional times throughout the week which we encourage you to participate in as much as your can. If you cannot breathe with us live, don’t worry! Every session is recorded and available to you via a playlist on the ‘live’ page. You can watch them whenever you want, go back to your favorites, and even double up if needed.

As a member, you can also participate in our workshops and other events for free as well as get discounts on our other offerings.

Do I need breathwork experience to join?


It is easy to jump in at any time, no matter what your experience level is. We provide a ‘Breathing Basics’ video upon subscribing which outlines the basic techniques, terminology, and principles. From there, you will pick it up pretty quickly once you begin your daily practice. You also have the ability to ask questions at any point along your journey.

Who can do this?


Whether you are young or old, stressed or relaxed, happy or sad, we all breathe, most of the time without ever thinking about it. A breath practice is literally something everyone can benefit from! 

What if I cannot attend live for the breathe?

Not to worry, every practice is recorded and saved into a playlist.

This will allow you to watch it whenever is most convenient for you based on your time zone, schedule, or how you are feeling. You can also revisit the practice later in the day if you want to do it a second time.

Is it important to do this every day?


We have found that through consistency and commitment, you gain the most benefits so we suggest doing it as many days as you can. You will soon experience how things change when you do miss a day. We also make the breathes available over the weekend so that you can repeat them on Saturday and Sunday.