Our Breath Collective
Joyful Being Meditation Course with Luke Wientzen

Joyful Being: A 12-week meditation & contemplation offering

Joyful Being will help you uncover the effortless joy that is your own nature. Each week we will contemplate a different aspect of the good life, and we will learn how to apply these qualities to our own existence, through meditation and other supporting techniques.

This program is designed to help you establish a rich, consistent, and daily committed meditation practice by offering community, individualized support, and accountability.

No dogma, jargon, or confusing conceptualization. The program is simple, accessible, and its methods are proven.


Breathwork Intensive: The Fundamentals of Breathwork

We believe you learn by doing first, and then understanding. This course is an inside out approach, beginning with experience and then giving context about that experience so that you have a felt understanding for your own life and practice first.

In less than one month, you will gain a fundamental understanding of breathwork and conscious breathing practices from a 360-degree view though a compilation of technique, approach, perspective, direct experience and applied practice.


breath school

Breath School: Our Breath Collective’s Teacher Training

Whether you are a teacher, healer, coach, or simply a breath enthusiast, our Teacher Training is designed to allow you to deliver the highest quality and safest coaching. You will be able to teach about breathwork as a standalone therapy or complement your core offerings, setting you apart in your field by utilizing the most available somatic tool there is!