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Microdosing & Breathwork: A Synergistic Combo (On-Demand)


Microdosing psychedelics is becoming a popular tool as people are searching for alternative solutions to deal with mental health struggles, decrease pain experiences, enhance creativity, and find more flow and presence in their day-to-day lives – all quests that can also be supported by a breathwork practice. In this workshop with Brittany Lillegard, who currently works as the education and strategy lead for Microdosing Institute in Amsterdam, we’ll cover the basics of microdosing and explore how the combination of microdosing and breathwork may provide synergistic support in one’s health and wellness journey.

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This workshop was recorded from a live session on May 22, 2022. 

About Brittany Lillegard

Brittany is a certified yoga and Wim Hof Method Instructor and works as the education and strategy lead for Microdosing Institute, a Dutch organization that focuses on microdosing research, education, and community creation. As a trauma-informed coach, her priority is holding a compassionate and safe space infused with playfulness where her students can safely explore the magic that lies within their own inner landscapes.


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